Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Bachelorette Monday y'all!!!

I have been tuning into the Bachelor since Andrew Firestone (season 3), which means I have wasted
 enjoyed approximately 528 hours of my life watching the show.
I used to be a "closet Bachelor Fan" You know, a little embarrassed to admit that I dedicate 
 so much of my time and heart to a show that infamously produces no happy endings!
(I am still in the healing process from Emily and Brad's split) 
I also tried to give it up a couple of seasons...I figured Ashley Hebert's season was a good time to start, 
(that needs no explanation)
but as hard as I tried, I couldn't kick the dirty little habit.
And then I thought...WHY TRY? Afterall, there really is no better television.
25 guys/women falling all over one bachelorette/bachelor.
Every Monday night is a party of every possible emotion...
Fights + Charm + Beauty + Amazing Dates + Tears + Crazy Girls + Bentley (am I the only one that loves him??) 
+ LOVE (K not really....but I swear one of these times it's gonna work)
Plus Monday is my laundry day, so I fold my huge mound while I tune in which has made 
Pavlov's classical conditioning a little personal...
Disgust for Laundry + 2 hours of watching Bachelor (ette) while folding apparel = 
new Love for Laundry (what the??)
Anywho, this is getting way too lengthy. 
The reason for this post is to remind you all to TUNE IN tonight.
Seriously, even if you're one of those "I'm too good to watch that silly "trendy" show" 
because Emily is back and going to be the Bachelorette this season
and she is basically everything I want to be in my life...
Haha. Okay, I know I don't have a chance in heck, but I adore her.
She is Beautiful and Classy and Southern and sweet and Beautiful :)
As I said before, I watched her and Brad fall in love a few seasons back
(oh the tears for them!)
It didn't work. She's back and I can't wait to tune in.
PLUS, one of the dude's on the show I know.
Okay, I don't personally know him at all, but he's from St George and Sonny is really good friends with his older brother,
so I'm married to a guy who knows a guy who's brother's with a guy.
Did you follow that?
K. Basically, I'm famous :)

So don't forget tonight at 830!
DVR it.


Happy Bachelorette Monday!


Tricia Lovato said...

Planning to watch and just in case mayhem breaks out at our house which is not out of the ordinary the DVR is set too. I loved Emily too. I haven't watched every season of the Bachelor but I love Bachelorette. For some reason, I get more addicted when the girls are doing the picking ;)

Lindsay said...

Oh GREAT!!! I read this post a day late! You have almost convinced me to start watching it.....

p.s. I can't believe that you're still so down to earth after acquiring all that fame. Amazing! :)

~Cmac~ said...

I WISH WE COULD FOLD LAUNDRY AND WATCH THIS TOGETHER! I was at the edge of my seat the whole time! Seriously embarrassing!

Anna said...

Ok, so expand on jef. What is his story? Lds? Decent guy? I liked him, BUT he looks so young. And sheesh all those dudes say nothing but how pretty she is... Granted she is beautiful, but man is that all she is?

Burke family said...

ha ha. I love it too! It is so unrealistic, but soooo entertaining. I love it! And I love Emily too!

I want to know more details about Jef - tell us all you know. And guess what? I might be able to one up your famousness. I actually dated Bentley at BYU my freshman year. :) And he is a really great guy! He sure made Ashley's season way more entertaining!

Wish we could have a Bachelorette watching party together! Wouldn't that be fun!

Julie said...

Here's to hoping she stays charming this season ;)