Tuesday, June 28, 2011


(gigi enjoying a beet smoothie valentines morning)

Once again, Saturday's Health Conference (below) blew me away.
I attended 5 classes.
Devotional and family reading time, Getting Centered, The truth about Vaccinations,
Molecules of Happiness, and Finding Health thru covenant keeping.
I'll share some tidbits from some of my favs.

1. Devotional and Family Reading time::This class opened my mind to so much more I can be doing with my own sweet little family. The mother that taught this class opened it by describing how early on in motherhood she had the opportunity to visit a family and home of a different religious denomination. She was impressed with how much the children knew about their beliefs. Their religion was evident in all their conversations, and activities. She left thinking "Do my kids know what we believe?" "Am I teaching them enough in the home or am I just dedicating 3 hours (church) and 30 minutes (FHE) to religion every week?" She decided to make a change and every morning from that point on She started having devotionals in the morning about gospel topics and family scripture study. She bore her testimony about what a change it has made in her family. Her children are older now and they have grown up knowing the gospel and exactly what that means. I felt the spirit so strongly and I knew that we needed to make this change in our home as well (going on day 3. woot! woot!!).
She gave a great reference for teaching your children, Teaching the Topics and Themes.
I guess it was a seminary program for teaching the gospel to special needs kids. I'll let you all know what I think after it arrives.
The second half of the class was about having nightly family reading.
"Teach your kids values with all the wonderful classic books out there."
I loved this. She beautifully described her memories of her children gathered all around her as she told of all sorts of adventures showing courage, honesty, love, kindness, and perseverance.
Sounds good to me. :)

2. Vaccinations:: I have to say that this class surprised me by being my favorite of the day!!
It was taught by Dr. Gibson. He is a MD. Yep, a MD (medical doctor). He is actually a neurologist. Woo-hoo! This guy knows his stuff. He got tired of sick people getting sicker and realized there was a big problem in the way we were treating patients. He went back to school to study homeopathy and is now a chiropractor in utah.
Working as a neurologist he had dozens and dozens of parents come and see him about their children. All had the same story...
Beautiful, bright, sweet child.
A light went out.
Never the same.
All the families also said that when they went back to the Doctor who gave the shots, it was the same thing again. "Definitely wasn't the shots! Period."
(Maybe it wasn't, but honestly why are we so certain?)
He started to question vaccinations and studied them out tirelessly.
Seriously, the man knew his stuff.
He's against them now.
I know this is a sensitive subject, so I won't share too much.
I'll give one of about 30 facts and studies he shared with us.
(BTW, He pays to have every study in the world emailed to him on all subjects, so the man is pretty educated...just a wittle bit.)
There was a study on the amish (who don't vaccinate). 40,000 amish children. Only 4 were shown to have autism. All 4 were adopted and had been immunized before they were adopted.
Autism in the US of A : 1 in 50.
And of course, you can get autism and be unvaccinated, It's just very rare.

I have listened to incredibly heated conversations on this subject and it really bothers me that people argue so much about it. Aren't we after the same goal...for our kids to be healthy and unharmed? I know that many people believe that not vaccinating is the bigger health risk. Maybe. But honestly, I think it's questionable. And I think that we need to come together and discuss, so that we can get ANSWERS once and for all or work together on some "safer" vaccines.
I have a hard time when I ask a Dr a question and their response is "That has not been proven!" Well it hasn't been proven otherwise either!
(And most studies done on immunizations are incredibly biased usually payed by the company making the vaccine).

And Do you know that there has not been a single study done (not a one) comparing immunized kids vs. unimmunized kids?
Doesn't that seem incredibly odd?
It would be only a logical thing to do...so much debate about which is better.
Why not compare the two??

All the info out there makes my head spin...

My opinion in a nut shell.
Not to judge. Every mother reserves the right to make that decision based on how she feels.
I worked in the medical field as an RN and saw a lot of good, but I saw a lot of bad too.
The medical field is not HEALTH care. It is DRUG care. Honestly.
And sometimes we do need drug care, but Health care is truly up to us in our homes.
My hope is for parents to read, educate and be open, so that you can make a well rounded and sound decision with your children.
I highly recommend downloading this class off of the Holistic living website.
It will be so worth your time. I promise.

3. Molecules of Happiness:: This class was taught by the same neurologist. SO good.
He talked a lot about how our thoughts transform to something physical, meaning good thoughts = health and longevity bad thoughts = sickness.
The whole class was so good, but he said one comment that I think will stick with me forever.
"You are what you think. Most people say that they're Christian, but they're not. Your religion is who you are, and like I said, you are what you think. I believe that most people actually worship social acceptance."
So true.
Definitely taking that one to heart.

There you have it. It was an amazing day. I wish I could write every precious note I have, but then my inspiration probably wouldn't be yours. There are so many classes I plan on downloading and listening too. You should too. They were all so so good! And at $4 a class, you can't go wrong.

Oh and I also found out that beets are a super food like none other (not the canned version:)).
There isn't a multivitamin in the world that can hold a candle to an organic beet.
Time to start the beet smoothies back up! :)


Jodi said...

This really gets me thinking... If I make it back to Utah ever I am driving up to go to this conference with you. And can I get your beet smoothie recipe?

Dana said...

I am so in for next year and I am going to download. thanks so much for sharing!!

Kendall and Katy said...

Thank you thank you! I am definately going to download some classes!

Madsen Updates said...

loved all your notes...
that is crazy about the amish study!!! definitely downloading that class. what do you do with vaccines? do you not do any, or do you pick and choose which ones you do? I waited until Link was a year before I started them, and do them one at a time. Same with Wes, but I don't want to do all of them. It's such a hard decision though trying to pick through them...

nicole said...

Wow....just getting a taste of what I missed. BUMMER! I so wish I could have been there. It sounds amazing! Great notes. Feel free to post your others (hint hint)