Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cancun::Day Dos

This was my favorite day during our trip!
(You'll see why later on in the post)
We woke up early, well 9 am...early for Mexico, and headed to town.
I wanted to make good on my promise of bringing the kiddos home something special
and Sonny was bound and determined to find the wave machine/pool we played all day on when we visited Cancun back in 2004.

Everyone kept warning us about how dangerous Mexico was before we left, but honestly, I felt safer here than anywhere in the States.
Everyone was so nice and good to us.
So we decided to ride the public bus and make an experience out of it.
60 mph, narrow roads, weaving back and forth between cars, and lots of horn honking.
It totally was an experience. :)

We met the sweetest little gal at the flea market.
She handmade everything and wasn't pushy at all.
We picked the kids up some bracelets, purses for the girls, and some wooden toys.

I just had to get a picture with her. Such a sweetheart.
After shopping, Sonny dragged me all over the hotel strip trying to find the wave tunnel.
We never did come across it. So sad.
We're pretty sure it must have gotten taken down.
Oh well. Wouldn't have been the same without Justin there with us anyhow.

We headed back to the resort and laid out by the pool the rest of the afternoon.
Not a bad view eh?
That night we headed Mexican again.
The food was soooo good, we just had to eat there a second time.
Gosh. I miss this place.
All you can eat guacamole, fried cheese stuffed corn tortillas,
the best steak in the world, and a local band playing music at your table.
banana flambe ice cream.
Picture doesn't show, but that stream of liquid was all lit with fire. Pretty cool.

We headed to the night show after dinner,
but quickly decided we'd rather be on the beach.

(these cartwheels looked way better in real life...promise:))
Not sure what was in that banana flambe thingy, but as you can see,
we both got a little hyper out in the sand.
I think we were just giddy to have so much one on one time!

Now to my favorite part of the day and the trip.
Everywhere along the beaches were signs that had warnings that it was Sea Turtle season.
Meaning mama Sea turtles were making their way onto beaches to bury their eggs
and that if you saw one to not take any flash photography or do anything to scare them away.
Well, Sonny and I were walking along the beach and I said
"How cool would it be to see a sea turtle burying her eggs!?"
And Sonny said "Is that one right there?"
I looked up and sure enough there was a huge sea turtle digging a hole with her flippers.
No joke.
Sand was flying everywhere.
We tip toed closer and spent the next hour and a half sitting on a lawn chair 10 feet away from the mama watching her hard work.
I honestly don't even have words to describe how amazing it was.
Not one other person walked by the entire time.
A few times she looked up at us, but we just held real still and she just went back to work.
We watched her dig about an 8 foot hole. It was huge.
Bury herself down in it while she pushed out quite a few eggs.
(safari told us later that they lay about 100 eggs in their beach nests)
It was amazing.

We went into the hotel of the beach we were on and let them know, so they could do something to protect the eggs after the mama left.
All the workers came tearing out from the desk to catch a glimpse of the turtle.
I guess it is pretty rare to actually see the mama do her work.
We felt real lucky.
That night, Sonny and I sat at the computer and researched all about sea turtles.
Made us sad to know how endangered they are.

Every night after that we headed to the beach to walk and watch for turtles.
The very next night we saw a mama starting to crawl onto the beach from the ocean.
A security guard saw too and got excited. He tried to get closer and scared the poor thing off.
Sonny and I were like "What the crap's he doing!!??"
By that point we had deemed ourselves as the Sea Turtle Whisperers
and we were annoyed with anyone messing around with our creatures.
Cha. Everyone should leave them to the! :)

Sadly, that was our last encounter with one the rest of the nights.
But we were okay to just have had the experience at all.
It was kind of funny, because at the end of the trip,
I admitted to Sonny that I had prayed for the turtle's eggs every single night.
Sonny admitted he had too.
Gotta love a man who prays for baby sea turtles.
and I do.


Kendall and Katy said...

Sorry ... random comment from real life stranger but hopefully a blog buddy. I am loving your pictures of Cancun! My husband and I went in 2009 and this is bringing back awesome memories. We rode the buses everywhere and had a blast as well. DId you happen to find the outdoor mall? It is amazing, it has a river that goes through it with boats, it is beautiful at night. Your resort looks amazing. I am going to have to remember it next time we go.
The sea turtles experience sounds amazing!

Madsen Updates said...

cutest story ever!

Kit said...

Katy! I tried to click onto your blog, but looks like i can't get to your profile. Thanks for leaving a comment! No, we never saw that mall. Darn! It sounds like we would have loved it too! Guess we'll have to check it out next time...:)

Kendall and Katy said...

Our blog is kendallkatyplustwo dot blogspot dot com. I am pretty sure I have invited you! So hopefully you can get on and see who is blog stalking you! ;-)

erica said...

ha. it doesn't look like down town has changed a whole lot since 2004. chris and i have these exact pictures :)

also. way to go turtle whisperer! have you seen/read the last song?
thats what your story reminded me of. watch or read it if you haven't...its a good one.

Tricia said...

I agree with Erica. If you have not read or seen the movie The Last Song you need to. I have the book if you want to borrow it :) What an amazing experience that would have been!