Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cancun::The Arrival

**I feel like I should give some sort of warning before I start all these posts. I thought I could narrow down the photos a little better, but I just can't do it.
You see, I am already forgetting just how wonderful, amazing, and freakishly awesome this trip with my man was...
funny thing how wiping bums and eating PB & honey crust leftovers can really put on the amnesia. I'm actually starting to forget what it felt like to eat fresh papaya every morning, get free pool side massages, and order room service at midnight.
I know. I kept pinching myself too.
So, again, my apologies for the crazy amount of pics you are about to witness.
And of course most are self portrait style with Sonny's arm hyperextended. double awesome.

We arrived late in the afternoon on Sunday to Sun Palace Resort. aka heaven on earth.
We were greeted right away with the Welcome Cocktail. It took us about 5 minutes to explain that we wanted the one with no alcohol.
The guy was like what!!?? No Tequila!!???!! (insert cute mexican accent)
Ha! I don't think they get many of "our kind" at these all you can drink places.
The first sip of that virgin beverage had us hooked for the week.
Sonny and I are still trying to get the recipe right.
Every worker kept telling us something a little different, but we think it was along the lines of
cranberry juice, apple juice, coconut cream, and ice.
Soooo good.
I got the first of many flowers handed to me and we headed up to see our home away from home.

Best tub in the world.
Don't ask why I have a picture of this.
I'm such a mormon. :)

All I have heard out of Sonny's mouth for the past 3 months is how he hoped that the resort would have good all you can eat sushi.
Seriously, the boy is obsessed.
So of course, the first thing to check out was the asian restaurant for some sushi (his request) and a night walk on the beach (mine).

Pretty darn good.
We discovered the banana rolls later on in the week that were dynamite.
If you ever stay gotta try them.
And yes, 95% of these posts will talk about food...just in case you were wonderin.

Sit tight.
Plenty more to come.


The Hansens said...

U look beautiful! And seriously it all looks as amazing as u described. So fun1

Jodi said...

Ummm.....jealous. Thanks. :) Glad you had fun, now I need to plan a trip for me! Can't wait to see more!

Madsen Updates said...

Wow!! That place looks incredible! Such a nice room...ESPECIALLY for Mexico!!! Love it. Can't wait to see more. We're trying to figure out where to go for our 5 year in a few months...i'm gonna check out this place. We went on our honeymoon to Cancun. It was awesome! I love the's SO warm, just how I like it :)

erica said...

i already like what i see...can't wait for the rest of the pictures.