Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cancun::Day Tres

There is something "off" in this picture.
Can you find it??
Did you see it?
Look again at the girl with the purple swim bottoms...
yep. NO TOP!!
They were seriously everywhere this day. There was no safe place to go.
I counted 7 girls on the beach in a 50 foot radius who had lost their swimsuit top (and their minds).
5 minutes before this pic was taken, little purple bottoms was posing for pictures in front of the ocean with her girls exposed!!
Her husband/boyfriend was just snapping away.
I was dumbstruck. Seriously, what was she thinking!?
And I am nearly positive they weren't European either.
5 minutes after this pic, Sonny and I went body boarding and this girl and her mate were right beside us. Weird.
One wave knocked me down hard, tossed me around, and when I came up. I partially joined her!
Yikes! No more of that for me. :)

After a day at the beach, we got all dressed up and headed Italian.
This place was fancy and so tasty!
Fried goat cheese salad. To die for.
Lobster Bisque soup.
Main course. Best thing I've ever tasted.
After dinner we headed to the fire show on the beach.
By far, the best show of the week.
We met up with our good friends, Tim and Nancy.
Serioulsy, they were the greatest. We loved hanging out with them.
Earlier that day on the Beach, Nancy and I were chatting,
Nancy saw Miss Purple Bottoms and was yelling and laughing (very loudy)
"What is she doing!?" "That girl's gone and lost her top!!"
It was so funny.
Gosh. We miss them.
Wish we could fly to Kansas and hang out for a day. Such a sweet, fun couple.
After the show, Sonny went to take a picture.
checked it. eyes closed. another. eyes closed. another. eyes closed...on and on.
We were cracking ourselves up.
Finally, a success.
over exposed though. Crap. Not our night. :)

The night ended the same as all the others.
Me enjoying a fruit plate in bed.
I miss these so much.
The papaya was sooo good and took me back to my Hawaii days.

At home, Sonny and I have been cutting up a mango almost every night.
Good, but just not the same.
Maybe if he starts dressing up in a suit, knocking on my door, handing me a flower,
and serving the fruit on a silver platter it will give the same effect??
Yes, we gotta try that. :)

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nicole said...

A little taste of heaven right here. Seriously, how amazing! I can almost smell the ocean. I am just going to sit here an visualize for a moment (minus the topless chick).....