Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Move that bus!

Extreme Home Makeover was in our neck of the woods this week
and today was the big unveiling!
We actually didn't make it to the bus moving event,
but decided to walk up to the house after dinner.
There was still a pretty big crowd out waiting to see the family and Ty Pennington.
Of course we had to stay.
Lulu loves the show and was so excited to be a part of it.

Not sure who this is, but I'm assuming he's someone pretty cool
from the REAL team. :)

And here's "what's his name?"

The darling mom and little daughter who were given the house.
Such a sweet lady.
And this is the cutest boy.
He suffers from a bone marrow disease.
He kept popping out and waving to the crowd.
Such a sweetie.

We waited for Ty for about an hour.
Just about to give up when a white SUV pulled away and drove right past us.
Ty was talking on his cell phone and turned and waved.
right at me.
Okay, In my direction.
I'll take it.
I was star struck and giddy.
Wish I would have gotten a real picture.

Tune in sometime in October for the episode.
It's sure to be a good one.
Picked the best neighborhood in the nation too.
In my opinion.
(And a national survey's. :))


Maggie said...

Oh! So do you know Charlynne Edmonds? She posted on Facebook that they are in her neighborhood and she lives in Utah! It's Jennifer Conklin's sister...Small world! I'm loving reading the chronicles!

Sonny said...

You crack me up!

erica said...

ha i totally get star struck too. i try so hard not to lose my cool because in reality its just annoying, but its so hard! haha.

Janette said...

That's awesome. btw, thanks for sharing the notes. I am for sure going to that next year.
and happy belated b-day to Razzles:)

Tricia said...

Love it! I was able to volunteer. It was such an awesome opportunity. I don't think I have ever worked so hard ;) Our landlord was one of the Architects so it was pretty cool!

A said...

What happened to our little babies?? People keep telling me that mine isn't one anymore and it makes me wanna scream!