Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cancun::the last night

28 years old!
Freak. Getting up there.
I have to say this birthday wasn't nearly as hard/weird as my 26th.
Not sure why, but that one came along and smacked me upside the head.
And ever since, I have imagined myself as one year older...
My 26th year, I was "really 27",
My 27th year, I was "really 28"
That way when the new age came along...I was used to it.
Nonsense? I know. But it worked for me.
I think this year I'll just stay 28 though.
29 sounds waaay too old! :)
Sonny was such a babe all night. He kept snapping pictures, calling me a "hottie" and whispering his best pick up lines.
Haha. He knows just how to win me over. :)

Augh. Looking at these pictures makes me want to just crawl back in them.
We had the best time just the two of us. Every single day felt kind of like a dream.
We gotta make time (and a lot of $) for some more of these.
Felt like 10 years of marriage counseling crammed into a week.
Such a great great time.

A HUGE thank you to our moms for taking such good care
of our munchkins while we were away.
Seriously, we appreciate it so much.

Almost home!


Sonny said...

you are so hot

nicole said...

A birthday in Cancun....sorry, maybe it will be better next year. :D Happy birthday to the best (and hottest) friend a girl could ever dream to have.