Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Celebrating Razzles.

{June 20}

Thanks to all who came to celebrate our little Rockstar.
(lola, ray, boston, harlan, tyler, nate, george, ivy, taryn, hailee, & beauen)
And thanks to the birthday boy himself for doing all the party planning.
otter pops, ice cream, gummy bears, sugared worms, skittles, root beer, and orange crush.
I guess he caught on that this is pretty much the one time a year I let the kids get whatever they want. He did not mess around in that grocery store! No wonder it was such a good time!

And just for the record, he also picked out his own birthday cereal
Lucky Charms again!
Okay, maybe I persuaded that one a little bit.
Something about marshmallows for breakfast takes me back to a childhood I never had.
except for at grandma's house. :)
So good.

Happy party darling boy!


Sonny said...

The party was way fun. Happy birthday Rockstar.

erica said...

cute pictures. ivy loves her little squirt gun thing - its almost been an everyday occurrence we've used it.

nicole said...

What a darling party! Bobo had a blast (especially blasting water in the other kids faces). Thanks for creating fun memories for my child :D Love you!

Tricia said...

Awesome! Happy Belated Birthday Rockstar! He sure knows how to plan a party ;)