Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cancun::Day uno

Relaxed at the beach all. day. long.
Well, I did.
Sonny was in his element and played to his heart's content.
This kid LOVES the ocean.
He seriously spent most the day playing in the waves.
I tried to join him a few times, (you know trying to be the rad-hot-beach wife) but I kept getting pumbled into the ground by them waves (looking more like the uncoordinated-choking-drowned rat wife). After a few attempts, I decided to stick to reading and a little volleyball. SO good with that.

Gosh. I'm a lucky lady.
That evening we met another couple, David & April for dinner at the Mexican restaurant.
They were on their honeymoon, so April and I talked weddings and Sonny...well... he talked about math, pollution, and french toast. Ha! They were a cute couple, but as you can imagine, Sonny is still not letting me live that night down.
The Honeymooners.
Afterwards, we headed for Karaoke night.
Um...Seriously, I have no idea what I am doing here...
Is it possible to get drunk by being in the same room as a bunch of drunks!??
(Hot box effect??)
I can't carry a tune worth a darn and I hate being the center of attention, but somehow around midnight I found myself front and center belting out Garth Brooks's "Aint going down til the Sun Comes Up!"
Good Grief. I really got into it.
Are you getting the embarrassed goose bumps for me!??
So glad, the Mr. was still okay to be seen with me afterwards.
Probably because he's used to me belting out songs every night while I brush the teeth.
It's the truth.
After the singing, we headed up to the room, ordered room service (fresh fruit) and talked about how fun it would be to have the kiddos with us
(Don't worry we got over it. real quick.)
Perfect first day in Cancun land.

**Looking at this post, I just made Sonny promise to stop me if I ever start walking to a mic again.
He agreed.
a little too quickly actually.

For a second, I thought I just might have sounded amazing. :)


carrie said...

Wish I could have seen/heard this you are so dang funny!

erica said...

ha. way to karaoke!
you rock.
i've never been brave enough to do it by myself...but i'm pretty sure i would think i sounded good if i did.
(even though i can't carry a tune either) ha.

gosh, day one and you guys already look tan!

Janette said...

awesome! you are so brave. The beach pictures really make me want to go on a vaca. looked like a blast!

The Dabo's said...

So we were having dinner with this "Dave" guy and I mentioned I was from St. George. He said my architect is from St. George. Well I hate the "do you know so and so game" but when he said your husband, I was like I do know him! Then he showed me his 22,000 square foot (or something crazy like that) house plans that your husband designed. Looked amazing! Congrats on that deal! And I will feel totally lame if there is another architect with the same name from SG.