Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Calling all Health Freaks...

Now I would not be a very good "blog buddy" if I didn't let you all know that my favorite
"time out" of the year is coming this Saturday!!
The LDS Holistic Living Conference
Imagine a full day dedicated to learning all things Holistic and Healthy.
And the best part is that it is all taught based on gospel principles!
I went last year and it was life changing! Like, really it changed me to the core.
I have always loved health and felt like food is medicine,
but I always kept it separate from the gospel. (Crazy girl!)
Of course Heavenly Father wants us to be healthy and happy here on Planet Earth.
He blessed us with amazing foods and herbs that truly can cure and heal our bodies.
Go read the Word of Wisdom one more time with a completely open heart
and you will find the only diet you will ever need to follow for the rest of your life.
(Focus on the do's not just the don'ts)
The conference last year opened my mind and heart up to
so many wonderful tools we have at our finger tips.
I felt the Spirit many times and the teachers were top notch (not weirdos at all. promise.:))

But don't just take my word for it,
Come and learn for yourself. :)
There is a class for everyone: Healthy eating following the W.O.W., parenting based on principles, Preparing healthy dinners, relationships, weight loss, Hormonal balance, vaccinations, Energy work, Essential oils, Herbs, finances, Instilling a love for education with your children, and even back yard goat keeping (if you're into that sort of thing:)).
That's just a few of the classes available.
A lot of the classes are full, but there is a lot more to choose from.
click here to register.
And do it soon, because today is the last day.
Happy Health!


Kendall and Katy said...

Darn... I missed it by 6 hours. So take lots of notes and blog about it!

Dana said...

So, I taught a WOW lesson a few months ago and my life is changed. The moment you realize that there is soooo much more to the WOW it is totally life changing. I am so going next year, but until then, you really must share. VAccination? What? What are they going to say about that, I am dying to know.