Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ruler of the Nest.

 And No, I'm not just talking about the one attached to her lovely noggin
(though she throws a fit every single day I attempt to comb thru her nights work)
 I know that I have already addressed this half a dozen times,
but I just got to say it again.
This little pip squeak is the Queen around this joint
and the worst part is... she is fully aware of it.
 And night seems to be her prime.
Honestly, I can't remember the last peaceful night we had around here.
Remember when I told you that she started climbing out of her crib after I got rid of the bottle?
(stupid google. stupid bottle mouth scare. stupid everything.)
 Well, that was the beginning of the end.
Gigi used to be the easiest babe in creation to put to bed.
Now? Bahahahahaha!
She drives us nuts.
 Starts out every night in Lu's bed, then she cries to be moved to Rock's bed,
then she gets out, stands at the top of the stairs and screams to be moved to the chair
(we moved it to the hallway upstairs. don't ask. we're suckers.)
then she decides on the floor next to Lu's bed,
and finally in my arms on the couch downstairs.
It's been a nightmare.
That is until we out smarted her at my parents house.
My good ol Dad figured out a contraption to keep her in her port a crib.
It consists of 2 tall boards, a corner of the room, and bungee rope.
Freak. that sounds awful.
It only took one night in it and then we gave her the option all the rest.
Do you want the crib? or the bed?
Of course, she's no dummy...she chose the bed and stayed in it all the nights long.
Until we came home...Sonny and I couldn't bear to set the jerry rigged port a crib up.
And our nights have been a little on the H-E double hockey sticks side since.
Last night though, we set it back up and declared war for our sacred hours back!
11pm it was over and the little darling was asleep.
Sadly, Sonny and I didn't feel victorious though.
Why do they look so cute and innocent when they are asleep!!??
We felt a little guilty and I wondered how many years of counseling she would need
to get over being locked in a high walled port a crib?
(Maybe we should save for that instead of college...)
So here we are...9pm wednesday night with a little napless sweetie on my lap as I type this.
My white flag is up.
She's won.
I can't do it again.
Somebody call me tomorrow with a love and logic lecture please.
I just don't know what the H-E double hockey sticks to do!
(sorry. just felt like writing that again. hehe.)

the end.

Oh and I would have totally posted a picture of the contraption,
but I was scared someone would go all cps on me.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry :(

Sam and Lacey said...

Laughed my head off. I am so sorry. At least she has a cute blanket ;) Violet has been my worse sleeper by far. But... she doesn't come close to that. Her and Violet would be funny to watch in the same room. I wonder who would be queen.

Dana said...

So, I know you probably don't actually want advice, but you know I feel your pain because we have always struggled big time with sleeping with both of my kids, but we have figured out some pretty good things that work for us with both kids at this age. First one with Logan (who seems to be a lot like Gigi) he fought naps so he doesn't take them now. NOw he falls asleep pretty dang fast because he is totally ready for bed. Dan and I take turns lying by him and singing (we don't let him out of his bed and it only took one night for him to realize that)and just lay there with him until he falls asleep. Usually about 20 minutes. We did the same with Mason and eventually he just stopped needing us there. We are not sure if Logan will ever get to that point but atleast it's only 20 minutes (sometimes 5)instead of 3 hours of fighting. Anyway, you have probably tried this or something like it, but, to us, it is pretty fantastic because we now have nights and both kiddos get to have us in the room singing and stuff before bed. We love it. Good luck, I know the craziness of it!

Kristal said...

Her bed head it the best! Love it. I hear ya on the bed time crap. Stinks big time. Hope you find a solution:)

Catherine said...

We teach Love and Logic classes and don't even have it all figured out! But we have found some win win solutions for bed time. It can be tricky fo sho! Your dad is a genius. That contraption sounds awesome, Kit! hehe Best of luck to you my friend. HUGS!

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh! SO funny! Especially with all these pictures of her and her "nest." Hahahahahahaa! I love your blog!!!