Thursday, February 2, 2012


A front tooth.
Missing since January 31, 2011
Reward::One Japanese coin.
 Our little Princess lost her first front tooth 2 days ago.
It was about time.
The little canine was loose forever and she was obsessed with playing with it...
sticking it on her bottom lip and closing her mouth...
or just pushing it straight up and smiling.
We've been calling her scraggle tooth or pirate girl for the past 2 weeks.
Sonny and I were relieved when Gigi knocked it out in the bathtub
(Lulu had a cup to her mouth (praying it wasn't to drink the tub water) when gi hit her arm and out it came)
The toothfairy came late that night and dropped off something extraordinarily special.
Lulu was joy filled when she found the little purse from the wee fairy.
Inside were 4 quarters, 2 were from other countries, Russia and Japan ( was dark)
Lulu thought that was even more exciting.

Now we are singing around the house
"All I want for Valentines in my 2 front teeth."
She giggles everytime.
Love my little Miss sunshine.


Terry said...

Oh how i love that beautiful little toothless girl.

erica said...

She's looking so old in these pictures!

Janette said...

So awesome! seriously she is growing up so fast I can't believe it. I love that it was dark and you grabbed change from other countries. I can see us doing that since we have so much canadian money. love!

Jen said...

Now seriously be careful - these girls latch on to the 'fairy' thing. In our house the toothfairy beats SANTA CLAUS hands down. The toothfairy spends half the night writing (with her left hand)to answer the 3 page-long note left by our little fairy lover!!!
Call this fair warning!
PS... she is beautiful!

Kristal said...

Wow. How did you end up with japanese and russian coins? So nice that she loved it anyway. Guess they are too young to really feel jipped by the toothfairy. So I am having a jewelry party at my house on the 16th at 7pm. I would love for you to come. Email me if you want more info.

Ashlee said...

Gosh she is growing up too fast!