Sunday, February 26, 2012


Like many of you, I believe I grew up with the World's best Grandpa.
really. i did though. ;)
My siblings, cousins, and I have so many wonderful memories with him.
He took us fishing down at the lake, gave us rides on his tractor (we actually rode in the scooping part and he would tip us out on a pile of fun), four wheeling rides, playing card games (he cheated every time), watching John Wayne movies and Judge Judy, going shooting, playing in the Saloon he built for us, off roading in his jeep, and cliff jumping at Lake Powell....just to name a few.
It was all these little memories built over a lifetime that left all of us cousins bawling/laughing at his funeral over 4 years ago. We all swore we were his "favorite one" and I tell you, he sure made each of us feel that way.
Him and my Grandma absolutely shaped me into who I am today.
They taught me to make time for family, to live in the moment, to love and laugh,
and to have so much fun in this journey called life.

And this is why I absolutely love these pictures of my kiddos with one of their great papa's
(they have 3 fantastic ones)
Papa Duane.

They are still talking about this 4 wheeling ride just up and down St James Lane.
Papa Duane was hooting and hollerin and of course they joined in on the fun.
I nearly got teary eyed with gratitude that he took the 10 minutes out of his day to show some 
grandkids a good time.
It just reminded me of something my Grandpa would have done.
:) :) :)
And that is a good thing.

You are always in my Heart Gramps.
Love you.


Tricia Lovato said...

That actually brought a tear to my eye as I remember both my Grandpas in the exact way you remember yours. Every time I think of them I cry. In fact we had a mini family reunion this weekend (blogging about that today) and it just really brought to the surface AGAIN how truly important family is and taking time for the little things. Its those simple things (like a 4 wheel ride up the street) that I cherish from my childhood and I hope my kids will always remember those small details too :)

Terry said...

Thanks for recording such a great memory.