Tuesday, February 14, 2012

House of Hearts

{February 8th}
I don't know about y'all's houses, but over here my kiddos do not let me miss a holiday of decorating!
(Seriously, the Rockstar insisted on putting a groundhog up on the entertainment center for that special day)
And Valentine's (today! Smooches!) is definitely no exception.
The good thing is that they are so easy to please and if I give them the tools, they take the matter into their own hands and go right to work...

Yep, If you are driving in our neighborhood, you can't miss us.
We're the house with the purple door
covered in hearts.
(they have added to since this day)

Love celebrating every holiday with the youngens!
They just make it all more exciting!!
Happy Hearts!
Happy home.

*oh and I swear that every once in a while, I actually brush gigi's hair and wipe her nose.
guess I gotta take a picture to prove it sometime huh. :)

1 comment:

Terry said...

Can't believe it, but I love the purple door. You are so brave!