Monday, February 13, 2012

Best Wishes Kitty-poo

{December 23rd}

Not sure how I missed blogging about one of my greatest days in history.
Remember when Lulu got her special kitten Roxy?
Well, I have always said that I was a "cat person"
but let me tell you people, after owning one for 4+ months--
I can officially withdraw that statement.
Sure, I think they are cute as can be if they are someone else's and I will sit on your couch and pet your little feline to my heart's content,
But to own one is quite a different story.
the jumping up on counters,
the meowing,
the hair,
the tripping over in the middle of the night,
the purring,
the littler box
Oh the wretched litter box!!
Well, I started looking for a home for Roxy back in November,
but it wasn't easy, because though me and her had a love hate relationship,
I wanted her to go to a GREAT home.
She really was/is a great kitty.
(you know, as far as cats go)
She never snapped, scratched, or bit my kids no matter what they put her through.
She LOVED to be cuddled and snuggled all day long and I knew that someone somewhere would
give her the appreciation that she deserved.
I needed a sweet little old lonely lady to find,
so I went to my mom
(just because her hood is full of sweet old ladies of course:))
She searched high and low, but no luck.
I was stuck.
(no way was I going to post free cat on KSL...there are some sickos out there...thanks again google)
Just when I had given up and decided that I was going to have a hair on my couch for the next 10+ years,
my mom called,
and Heavenly angels sang (seriously)
She had been singing at a nursing home the night before in Idaho, she noticed a little dog on the lap of one of the residents, she thought what the heck and asked if they could use a darling little kitty for some animal therapy (?).
They said
December 23, 2011, Lulu and I said goodbye and gave her into the hands of a sweet little lady.
They had a room dedicated specifically for her and when I mentioned that she had a bad habit of jumping on counters because, get this, she only drank running water--they replied, "Oh we will just have to buy her a little fountain to drink out of."
What the?????

Goodbye Roxy.
We (ahem) love you!

*And don't worry, Lu is fine. She thought it was neat to give her as a gift for Christmas.
Plus, she's onto bigger and better things....requesting a dog for her next birthday.

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Janette said...

Oh, I understand completely. sometimes I don't know why I have a dog but the hubs loves her. I'm glad you found a new home for your kitty.