Friday, February 24, 2012

My little date

{February 9}
For the past 2 years, Sonny and Lu have gone on a special Daddy Daughter date right around Love day.
Last year the Rockstar and I had some good one on one time at home, but this time around we decided to really make a night out of it and have our own sweet date.
It was such a great experience.

 The little man decided to make it a Rio night (good choice) as long as he could get his favorite chips and Queso.
We sat at that little table and ate and talked for a good 45.
Goodness, can that boy talk. He asked me every question you can think of.
"Mom, why does that sun look mad in that picture over there?"
"And why is that guy climbing the mountain to get to that sun?"
"Mom, why does that panda bear (panda express) have a cape?"
"Mom, why does papa call us buster sometimes?"
"What does Buster even mean??"
Good Grief Bud, I don't even know.
The dinner talk really made me realize how much more I need to sit down and talk with him and answer his little inquisitive mind.
The Rockstar had a choice between a movie at the theatre or back at home.
He chose home, but was insistent on a SHARK movie!
He wanted it scary with "people dying"
(Please tell me I don't have the only boy who is obsessed with the gore!?)
We settled on Shark Tales and drove all over trying to find it.
Redbox? Nope.
Blockbuster? (remember that place?) Notta.
Netflix even? No again.
Finally, Sonny found it at the library and we shot over to pick it up.
 This is actually my kid who LOVES picture taking...
only with one stipulation...
Funny Faces.

 The night ended with maple popcorn, our jammies, and just the two of us cuddled up for some animated sharks.
It was golden.

Thank you Rocks for a wonderful night out.
You are such a great kid.
I couldn't be more smitten.

*also, found out that night that Daddy had pulled his son over before the date and gave him a lecture about opening up doors for me. He also slipped him a 20 dollar bill and told him to pay for the dinner.
I never saw any of that. Ha!
We went up to his room and checked his jean pocket.
Yep. the 20 was still there. 
I'm sure he thought he had outsmarted us for good. Haha.

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Tricia Lovato said...

How fun! I love date nights with the kiddos! A shark gore movie at our house would have meant Jaws so you are a good Mom to talk him down to Shark that one :) Jereth is our Shark obsessed kid! That is hilarious about the $20 bill. I love that kid. BTW....I am so stinkin excited he is in my Primary Class :)